Tous Les Deux actually consists of only one deejay and I know this sounds quite schizophrenic, but what’s in a name…
Fortunately I always manage to meet expectations on my own.

Truth be told, years ago I started this project as a collaboration between two deejays, I swear this is the one and only boring explanation.
However, since the spring of 2018 I have been doing this whole crazy ride on my own.

Don’t expect boxes and defined genres, I enjoy taking the audience through a wide range of vibes. Ranging from Afrobeat and Dancehall, over R&B and Hip Hop, to fractions of Baile and even Garage.
Genres are overrated.

With me you never know what’s coming your way, but be ready to be surprised with forgotten jams and current gems, spiced with catchy remixes and surprising edits.

The booth is mine.
The floor is yours.

Events behind the decks

  • MNM Start To DJ
  • MNM UrbaNice
  • Casa Bacardi (Rock Werchter)
  • Gentse Feesten Sint-Baafsplein
  • Campo Solar
  • Polé Polé Festival
  • Bermuda Festival
  • Apéro Velcro
  • Woodpop
  • Bar Des Amis
  • Millie Vanillie
  • Route Du Soleil